Joshua's Hands Collects Sample-size Shampoos, Soaps, and Lotions


In a recent conversation with Carol Kendall, a close friend and missionary to Guatemala, I found that Carol uses small bottles of shampoo as gifts to the women in the villages where she ministers.  Carol relays that the villagers do not bathe often and have very poor hygiene, but they are very proud of their hair and like to wash it.  Carol gives them small bottles of shampoo (like the ones you get for free when you stay at a hotel) when she enters the village.  They love this gift and are often receptive to hear the hygiene lessons Carol offers because she gave them shampoo.  The point in only giving a small bottle is that when Carol returns to the village, she brings a large pump container and will refill the bottles after the next hygiene lesson.  These lessons are life saving in terms of disease control, and soul saving in terms of the application made to the need for clean hearts.  I asked Carol if Joshua's Hands could collect these small bottles of shampoo and send them to her for use in the ministry.  She was thrilled!


As we talked about the project, it became apparent that she could use the small lotions and soaps as well.  The soaps are inserted into one-gallon jugs and a hole is punched in the top.  The villagers tip the jug to allow several drops of soapy water to drip on their hands so they can wash up in a place with no soap and limited water.  The lotions are used as "social lubricants" to open doors for the missionaries to share life-saving and soul-saving truths.


Would you be willing to help us collect these items for the people of Guatemala?  Each time you stay at a hotel, just pick up the toiletries (that you've already paid for).  If you don't stay at hotels very often, perhaps you'd like to pick up travel-sized items when you shop.  We will be collecting these items on a long-term basis and sending them to Guatemala with family and friends as they travel to work with the Kendalls.  If you can get your treasures to us, we will get them to Guatemala.  A collection box will be set up at the clogging/Right at Home barn (address below).  Feel free to ask your church if you can set up a box for collections.  Carol says that there is NO WAY we could overwhelm her with our response.  She and every missionary in the area will want to be blessed by our donations!  (They can also use trial-size bottles of hand sanitizer wash.)


Sometimes people move away from Northern Virginia and ask to be taken off of our mailing list because they feel they won't be involved with the ministry any longer.  PLEASE know that we cherish your prayers in the ongoing work of Joshua's Hands.  This shampoo project is one you can be involved in from afar!  Why not talk to your church to see if they will allow a collection box and pay the shipping to send the donations to us as the box gets full?  There is no rush to get it here, so you can opt for the cheapest shipping.  We have a steady flow of travelers going to Guatemala, so we can send things on a regular basis.


One of the many heart-wrenching stories Carol told me that persuaded me to get involved was about a class of children.  She taught them how to wash their hands and then asked them to raise their hands if they were going to go home and wash every day.  Not one hand was raised.  She asked them why and they replied, "No soap!"  She modified her question to ask if they would go home and at least rinse their hands each day.  Not one hand went up.  Again, she asked them why.  They said, "No water." 


Carol’s work involves building water systems for tribal peoples in Guatemala. It seems that we, with an abundance of soap and water, could at least share our disposable shampoos, soaps and lotions for His glory.  Will you join this worthy effort?


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Shampoo for His Glory