Feeling helpless regarding Ukraine?

Don’t know how to help?

There are many worthy organizations that need and will gladly receive your donations. We have links to several of them below. PLEASE give if you can.

But giving money isn’t the only way to help. Let’s put our hands to work and make a statement from one people to another.

In support of the nation and people of Ukraine, we are asking Americans to carpet our country with SUN (Supporting Ukraine Now) Flowers. These beauties that track the sun are the national symbol of Ukraine. They were originally cultivated in North America, making it natural for us to plant them all over our yards, communities and open spaces.

Thanks to a generous donation, we have thousands of sunflower seeds. Just send us a stamped, self-addressed envelope and we will send you SUNflower seeds to support Ukraine.

Additionally, display Ukraine’s flag and colors wherever possible. Barn quilts have become very popular across America. Now would be a good time to make SUN (Supporting Ukraine Now) Flower barn quilts to display on homes, outbuildings, businesses and fence lines to support the people of Ukraine.

We don’t even have to leave home to show our support. Everyone can do something. Let’s share in the joy of SUN Flowers to do our part from across the pond and let Ukrainians know we care.