The people of Ukraine are fleeing their country with very few belongings.

How can we help?

Joshua’s Hands will be collecting blue and yellow quilts to ship or deliver to Ukrainian refugees. We will initially accept completed quilts through April 17 (2022). Suggested quilt size is   50” x 60” or 60” x 60”. Colors should be themed around the colors in the Ukrainian flag.

We do have a long arm quilter in Raphine (VA) who is willing to complete tops through early April. If you have a top and backing (4” larger on all sides than the quilt top - i.e. a 60” x 60” top needs a 68” x 68” backing), please contact Joshua’s Hands and we will give you instructions as to mailing the top or delivering it to her.

Also, if you would like to attach our label, please feel free to do so.

Let’s pour out a blessing of love over these people who have left everything in search of safety. Spread the word. This is something we can do.