Joshua’s Hands -
Valiant Warrior Quilting Event

Many people have inquired about the specifics for making quilts.  We have been asked to make them long and narrow for stretchers/hospital beds.  We have also been asked to make them red/white/blue (cotton fabrics) without cartoon prints.

If you would like to make a top and send it to us, we will get it quilted.  We also accept finished quilts.  Please be sure to use natural fiber batting.  Quilts can be shipped to:

Joshua’s Hands

38327 Charles Town Pike

Waterford, VA  20197

Size Requirements:



Two inches of variation are allowed.


100% cotton fabric and batting;

small blend (80/20) natural fiber/synthetic batting is acceptable

Design: patriotic colors/theme (no children's cartoons);

machine-quilting, and hand-quilting

Our Signature Quilts

We have made and sent many different patterns/styles of quilts.  By far, our most “hands-on” quilt is our Signature Quilt. 

Many individuals and community groups have asked how they can be involved from home, so we made two quick videos to show you how to make the denim squares and scrappy squares that are used in our Signature Quilts. 

This is a fun and inexpensive project.  You can buy the tools from Jo-Ann online and repurpose jeans/fabric.

If you would like to help, please consider making squares for a quilt.  It takes 104 squares (6 1/2”  x 6 1/2”) to make each quilt (52 denim and 52 scrappy).  Squares can be shipped to:

Joshua’s Hands

38327 Charles Town Pike

Waterford, VA  20197

Contact us for more info:



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