Organ donation

The Guthries have seven children.  Only three of them still live at home (Hannah, Rachel and Ben).  Zach, the oldest is married and lives in Florida with his wife and three children.  Daniel lives in Texas.  Abby is a grad student.  And Josh made his way to his heavenly home in 1998.  He was 16 when he died in a car accident less than a mile from home.  Josh was a gymnast.  When he died, his parents chose to donate his organs rather than have them “go to waste.”

The gift of life

At present, there are more than 2000 people in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area and almost 100,000 nationwide waiting for life-saving transplants.

Just by signing an organ donor card and making your wishes known to your family, you can become an organ donor.

Age or a history of disease does not prevent you from donating.

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Joshua’s heart went to Julia, who was 61 years old at the time.  She is a real dynamo and thankful that she can continue to enjoy time with her family and service in her church because of her “heart of gold.”  Josh’s liver went to Roy, a man who had been told to get his affairs in
order because he was about to die.  He lived seven more years with his wife and two young daughters before succumbing to pneumonia in 2005.  Five other people received the gift of life from Joshua and two received the gift of sight – triumph out of tragedy.