American Heritage Education
“We have been the recipients of the choicest bounties of heaven…But we have forgotten God.”  Abraham Lincoln defined the problem in 1863.  We are plagued by it still today.  
Joshua’s Hands desires to offer American Heritage Education in order to preserve one of America’s choicest bounties – her foundation of faith.  It is our belief that familiarity with our American heritage will instill a respect for America and her history, renew interest in her arts and culture, and rekindle a connection to the faith of our fathers.

While cherishing the foundation that has been laid, we also want to encourage involvement in the present and future of America.  

Fall Festival
Each year we offer a free event that is open to the community.  Games, kids’ crafts, pony rides, entertainment, petting farm, prizes, even lunch are all free of charge - a gift of love from Joshua’s Hands to our Northern Virginia community:  FALL FESTIVALAmerican_Heritage_Education.htmlAmerican_Heritage_Education.htmlFall_Festival.htmlAmerican_Heritage.htmlFall_Festival.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1shapeimage_2_link_2
Young Drivers’ Education
If there’s an opportunity to share with
young people about safe driving, we’ll take it!

Mrs. Guthrie speaks to young drivers - telling
the story of Joshua’s accident in hopes that his life and death will make a difference - encouraging young drivers and their parents to drive safely.  This story is now available on DVD!

We also produce a safe driving magnet for cars - not intended to label or humiliate your new driver.  It IS meant to let others know they are new to driving and could use a little extra grace and space while they learn. 

Community Service
Joshua’s Hands partners with Panera and other local merchants to provide food and goods to the elderly and needy in our community.  Teams of volunteers pickup food and goods that would be thrown away, and redistribute them to multiple locations serving the community.  This program distributes approximately $25,000 worth of food annually and thousands of dollars worth of household goods.

Our Valiant Warrior Project brings the community together to learn both quilting skills and service.  In a mentoring environment, volunteers work together to produce quilts for wounded warriors.   Work shouldn’t be this much fun!

We also collect sample/travel size shampoos, soaps, etc., for missionaries to use in Guatemala! 
If you would like to volunteer with these efforts, just let us know!

Joshua’s Hands provides scholarship funds to Precept Ministries for their Teen Boot Camps.
We also offer academic scholarships that are essay based and reward graduating Loudoun County (VA) seniors.

The Work of Joshua’s Hands®

Joshua’s Hands has a five-fold mission - like the fingers on a hand:

1) Fall Festival
American Heritage Education 
Community Service
Teen Safe Driving
5) ScholarshipsFall_Festival.htmlAmerican_Heritage_Education.htmlTeen_Driving.htmlScholarships.htmlshapeimage_6_link_0shapeimage_6_link_1shapeimage_6_link_2shapeimage_6_link_3
DVD AvailableSafe_Driving_DVD.html