Barn Renovation


Help us save a barn for American Heritage Education

We’re looking for 100 Barn Stars to donate $1000 each so that we can refurbish a large barn.  This will enable us to continue providin
g quality, family-friendly education to the community.  Donations of any amount will be cheerfully accepted.  Will you help?




Joshua’s Hands has given to the community since 1999.  We have provided heritage education classes, scholarships to camp and college, teen safe driving programs, community service projects and the annual Fall Festival.  In 2011 we began hosting Valiant Warrior Quilting Events as part of our heritage education and community service.

Each time we host a class/event, we have to find space available in the community.  Sometimes we are able to find free space to use, but it always costs us precious funds to secure insurance on an event-by-event basis and many volunteer hours to move equipment and furniture.  It also costs us precious resources to store the equipment and furnishings.  To continue serving the community, we need a permanent space.  Will you help us fund the renovation? The total projected cost is $100,000.

Every Barn Star donor will be honored on a plaque in the new facility and acknowledged in the press when we hold an inaugural barn dance for the community.


When Hurricane Sandy blew through Northern Virginia in October 2012, it ripped the roof and doors off of the barn.

We are happy to report that the barn roof has been replaced.  The barn doors are built and the floor has been reinforced. There are still many steps to take to make the barn useful for classes. We could use your help!