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Pictured here is our precious son, Joshua Guthrie. He went home to be with the Lord on October 27, 1998, at the age of 16. Joshua was the second of our seven children and had a sweet and gentle spirit. He loved the Lord and sought to bring glory to His name.

Joshua was a gymnast and knew the value of working hard. His hands were calloused from the daily disciplines of his sport; but his calloused hands were tender with his siblings and in service to the Lord. In memory of this wonderful young man, who is missed greatly, we have established a nonprofit organization called Joshua's Hands.

The cards we distribute bear the question from a song, "Will You Love Jesus More?" That's the question Josh asked of himself. Would people see enough of Jesus in his life that it would cause them to love Jesus more? When the words to the song were read at Joshua's memorial service, a new idea was kindled in our hearts to challenge people with that very question. After all, who doesn't have room for improvement in their relationship with the Lord?

One way that Joshua learned to love Jesus more was through inductive Bible study with Precept Ministries. Their goal is: "To establish people in God's Word." Precept's Teen Ministries did just that.  Joshua attended Precept's "Boot Camp" for three summers in a row. There he learned how to dig into God's Word for himself.  Each year he came home with a Bible full of notes and a closer relationship with Jesus. Because inductive Bible study meant so much to Joshua, and helped him to love Jesus more, Joshua's Hands seeks to further the work of Precept's Teen Ministries, knowing that they will ". . . establish people in God's Word," and thereby help them to love Jesus more.

Every day of Josh’s life he helped someone. That heart of service inspired us to establish A Servant’s Heart Scholarship for college-bound students. It also inspired us to pursue establishing an American Heritage Experience - an effort to establish summer camps and year-round programming in history and heritage arts, and a challenge to serve.

May Josh’s life inspire you as it has inspired us. May you learn to love Jesus more, and may you give and serve from a thankful heart.

Joyce Guthrie

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