A Servant’s Heart

Joshua’s Hands is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2018 A Servant’s Heart Scholarship -- which was established to honor graduating seniors who truly understand the concept of serving others.  To date, we have awarded almost $40,000 in college scholarships.

The scholarship is essay/video based and expanded in 2008 to provide the potential for three scholarships.  A Servant's Heart Scholarship is intended to encourage the concept of serving others.

Ally Milder (Loudoun County High School), proved that mentors can come from all walks of life. Ally learned from an actress in a Broadway musical – Les Misérables. As a young girl attending a Broadway revival, she was captivated by Caissie Levy’s performance. So much so, that she reached out to the actress/singer, who became a mentor regarding stage and voice – but also in learning to serve and give to others. In her video submission, Ally spoke about her mentor this way: “Her selflessness and absolute kindness led me to want to give back in my community.”

Joshua's Hands was established in 1999 in memory of Joshua Guthrie, who was an enthusiastic community volunteer.  Joshua’s years of service were cut short by his death at the age of 16.  Joshua’s Hands seeks to continue to be his hands of service in the community and to encourage others to serve. 

The organization established A Servant's Heart Scholarship to reward a Loudoun County senior for community service.  In 2008, the award was expanded to a potential of three $1000 scholarships.

2019 Scholarship winner 
Ally Milder
Ally’s Winning Entry2019_Milder_files/HB.pdf
Her selflessness and absolute kindness led me to want to give back in my community.

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?

Martin Luther King