A Servant’s Heart

Joshua's Hands is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2013 A Servant's Heart Scholarship.  In 2004, the organization established the scholarship to reward Loudoun County seniors for community service.  The scholarship is essay based and expanded in 2008 to provide three scholarships.

The essays were judged on composition, originality and understanding of servanthood.  Special consideration was given to essays based on true examples of servant mentors.

Grace serves in big and small ways.  She sees that service, no matter how small, is important.  In her essay she wrote: “I have never gone on a mission’s trip to another country.  I am not very good at evangelizing.  I have never started an orphanage or built a church for a hurting community.   Sometimes it can be easy for me to feel as if what I have done – serving my family and my community – is not important or significant.  If I am not doing something “big” and public for God, I must not really be making a difference in the world or eternity.  This is a lie that I have had to battle.  While those things are important and meaningful acts of service, I believe choosing to serve God in the mundane, unglamorous things in life, with an open and obedient heart, can be just as pleasing to the Lord.  Often it seems easier to serve for a week or two in a far away place where no one knows you, rather than serving day in and day out with the people we rub up against all the time.  God has given me so many different opportunities to serve right where I am, as I wait to see what He will call me to in the future.  Each time I have trusted Him and chosen to put my will aside and serve others in smaller things, I have been blessed and encouraged to do more.”

Joshua's Hands was established in 1999 in memory of Joshua Guthrie, who was an enthusiastic community volunteer.  Joshua’s years of service were cut short by his death at the age of 16.  Joshua’s Hands seeks to continue to be his hands of service in the community and to encourage others to serve. 

The organization established A Servant's Heart Scholarship to reward a Loudoun County senior for community service.  In 2008, the award was expanded to a potential of three $1000 scholarships.

2013 Scholarship winner 
Grace Rogan
Grace’s Winning Essay - 20132013_Grace_files/GR%20Essay%20.doc.pdf
When we serve each other, we are demonstrating the love of Christ to the world.   

Grace Rogan
Serve the LORD with gladness; Come before Him with joyful singing.
Psalm 100:2