A Servant’s Heart

Joshua's Hands is pleased to announce the recipient of the 2006 A Servant's Heart Scholarship.  Megan Burns, a senior from Loudoun Valley High School, plans to attend Denison University in Ohio.  She received a $1000 scholarship from Joshua's Hands to be applied toward her educational expenses.


Megan has served with her youth group for the past three years “...repairing homes and rebuilding the dignity of needy people in West Virginia and northwestern New York.”  Her youth leader describes her as a “...very special young woman...truly wonderful...warm, compassionate [with a] generous spirit.”


Megan's essay revealed her creative writing skills as well as a heart that learned to serve.  Her account of a relationship that blossomed through service touched the judges and made her the obvious winner.  One of the judges said of Megan's essay: “The story was poignant, and I warmed to the relationship that formed between the student and the elderly woman.  I especially liked the way each tried to serve the other.  That was a lovely and original way to approach this topic.”


Joshua's Hands was established in 1999 in memory of Joshua Guthrie, who was an enthusiastic community volunteer.  Joshua’s years of service were cut short by his death at the age of 16.  Joshua’s Hands seeks to continue to be his hands of service in the community and to encourage others to serve. 

The organization established A Servant's Heart Scholarship to reward a Loudoun County senior for community service.  In 2008, the award was expanded to a potential of three $1000 scholarships.

I will show you my faith by my works.
James 2:18
Megan’s Winning Essay - 20062006_Megan_files/Winning%20Essay%20for%20Publication.pdf