Valiant Warrior  Quilting
                        The Work of Joshua’s Hands
                                                         JUNE 5-14, 2020


Things have surely changed in our world since we last met to make quilts for our Valiant Warriors! Who knew when we took this group photo of the January quilts that we would see a nationwide cocooning that started in March and is only now beginning to lift? We have been watching and waiting to see what Virginia recommends for  events as we seek to continue the Valiant Warrior Quilting Event (VWQE) within the guidelines. As of this writing, Governor Northam has delayed the reopening of Northern Virginia. 

With this is mind, our Valiant Warrior Quilting Event will be very different in June. It will be our 20th session, and surely the most unique. We are eager to include some who are new to sewing and may have learned or refreshed their skills in order to make masks. We are also sure there are quilters across the country who might like to participate, so spread the word regarding our plans...

  1. * The quilts made during this session will be donated to a different crew of Valiant Warriors the warriors of the Coronavirus pandemic.

  2. * All quilt tops will be made at home   

  3. * Labels and simple patterns are available.

  4. * Please do not plan to bring children into the facility (38997 E. Colonial Hwy, Hamilton, VA) for fabric pickup. This would be a great time to bring CLEAN jeans for donation!

  5. * For this session only, we will modify our quilt top dimensions and color guidelines. If you have a finished top (or one you're eager to make) that would not normally meet our red/white/blue preferences or 50" x 80" size, now would be a good time to donate it! Ideally, these quilts will be 60" x 60"  a nice lap quilt size.

  6. * Drop off for completed quilt tops will be scheduled during times listed below (38997 E. Colonial Hwy, Hamilton, VA). Those who cannot drop-off should mail their quilts/tops

                Joshua’s Hands

                38327 Charles Town Pike

                Waterford, VA  20197

  1. * Those willing to help with the long arm quilting will be scheduled June 8-12. Social distancing will be observed.

        *We will continue to need thousands of "Scrappy Squares" and

         "Denim Squares" so please feel free to start working on these now!

SIGNUP for long arm sessions

June 8-12  (Monday - Friday)          10am-4pm

Although this is not how we like to host the VWQE, it will offer us the opportunity to use our willing hands and servant hearts to bless those who do battle on our behalf. Here's to a successful time of quilting and to the day when we can share time and space together on this project.

I love and miss you!




Since January of 2011, Joshua’s Hands has sponsored the Valiant Warrior Quilting Event twice each year. We have made 2000+ quilts for our troops injured in service to our country. Our 20th session, scheduled for June 2020, will take on a different format in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. Please see the details below and spread the word for participants to start working now on quilts for our Valiant Warriors!

The Valiant Warrior name and all slogans and photos are copyrighted and trademarked materials.Trademark and copyright infringement is a crime punishable by law.          

©2011  Joshua’s Hands

If you are unable to attend, you can sponsor a quilt for $53, which will cover the costs of materials, supplies and shipping. THANK YOU!